Stelios Kyriakidis

Title: Stelios Kyriakidis
Author: Maria Kontou, Yorgos Sgouros
Publisher: Patakis
Publishing date: 2014
Technique: Acrylic on paper

Stylianos Κyriakides, is with out doubt the most successful  Greek marathon runner ever.

His 16 year athletic career, from 1933 to 1948,  was unfortunately interrupted by WW II and the German occupation.

He won the BOSTON marathon in 1946, in the worlds best time and a European record, although he had not trained or run for 6 year, emancipated and starved from the years of the occupation and the Greek civil war.

He was 10 times champion of the Balkans in the Marathon and the 10,000 meters, he was twice  silver medalist in the marathon in the British championships in London, in 1935 and 1937, he was 11th in the  Olympic games in Berlin in 1936 and 17th in the Olympic games in London in 1948, and won other national marathons in Europe, before the war.

In 1933, in two consecutive days he won the 1500 m, the 5000 m,   the 10000 m and the half marathon, in the national championships of his home country Cyprus, and his athletic talent was discovered.

In the Guinness book of records, he is mentioned as the marathon runner who has held more than anyone else, the national record of marathon.          The time span is 33 years and 216days.

He was the first long distance runner in the world, to use a hand stopwatch to pace himself during the race and was not following the tactics of the other runners during the race.

What makes however Stylianos Kyriakides to be different from all other great athletes, was his true patriotism, his compassion for those in need, his dedication to serve young people, his total selfishness, and his honesty characteristics that were demonstrated many times throughout his life.

Although the youngest in the Greek athletic “dream team” before the war, because of his character and personality, he was chosen to be its leader in all the trips outside Greece.